a brief overview of my work


My career began in the toy industry after designing CanU as a student at U of M

Amidst the rise of digital products and design studio acquisitions by larger firms, I expanded my design skills to include social impact and consumer product innovation.

While collaborating with the KID MOB, I developed STEAM-based design workshops for kids, and continued developing my creative practice as an industrial designer.


After six years of testing out different design roles, it was time to explore the edge of the field. I moved to London to study at the Royal College of Art. where I learned about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and fell in love with circularity.

For my thesis I embraced my passion for play and sustainability to create a plastic fishing picking game called the Waterside Gobbler.


After graduating from RCA, I worked with Quarterre and the LEGO Foundation to design educational play experiences.

I was also able to work with Mira Nameth and help grow Biophilica.


In the pandemic, I continued pursuing my playful approach to design and was awarded a grant from Kaboom to develop the Play Path  a collaboratively designed modular playground for rural communities.


I worked as an innovation consultant at the Board of Innovation, I made a personal pledge to commit the rest of my career to accelerating circularity.

After choosing to focus on circular design, began by my mapping out local circular resources in NYC to visualize. Accidentally it went viral, and I started working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The Waterside Gobbler

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