How might more people engage in taking care of the environment?

Situated along urban canals in places where plastic debris naturally collects, the Waterside Gobbler aims to propel people into action by making it fun to remove passing plastic rubbish from the water. The goal of this project is to activate people around the issue of plastic pollution and to reduce what travels downstream into rivers, oceans, and the wider ecosystem.

As seen in the Evening Standard.

Whether intentional or accidental, discarded single use plastics frequently enter the ecosystem via the waterways of cities. Once in the water they flow along towards the oceans but along the way there are points in certain areas such as behind moored boats, at the corners of the canals, or under the bridges, where they are ripe for collection. Waterside Gobblers aim to intervene on the sides of canals by encouraging local inhabitants in a fun way to pick out litter if they see it floating by and to place it in the bin for recycling.

By engaging people at the canals to remove plastic debris, it is less likely to move downstream and enter the rivers, and oceans. Additionally this project aims to support existing strategies of environmental organizations who manage waterways and wish to encourage greater volunteer participation. Waterside Gobblers are designed to be protective friendly characters that engage people of all ages in taking care of the environment.