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The Play Path

September 1, 2021

After conducting the workshops, the ideas from the children were reviewed and the most popular elements of the designs were added up. The top choices for the Play Path were to incorporate, climbing, balancing, and sliding. Other ideas such as the use of colors and a reconfigurable obstacle course were incorporated into the final concept. After a another phase of ideation, the final design entails a modular system of outdoor furniture that be combined to create different play experiences. Unlike typical play grounds that are fixed in place, the Play Path is dynamic and changes with every visit. The final design was approved by the Rural Outreach Center and prototyping and fabrication of the pieces began in June of this summer. Currently the construction is on-going at the NYC Makerspace and expected to be installed on Oct 17th 2021.

The design also features minature gazebos that can be customized with elements such as musical instruments, herb gardens, or telescopes for birdwatching.

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The Play Path

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