How will students of the future learn critical creative skills in a resource constrained environment?

Art Class on a Cart

In many schools around the United States, art is considered an expendable course. Art classes are often among the first to be eliminated when school budgets are tightened. As a result across the US, many classrooms for creative thinking have been reduced to carts and teachers are often forced to adapt entire lesson plans to inadequate space constraints.

Created In collaboration with Natasha Seng a proposed solution was designed to specifically adapt to space constraints, and the unique teaching constrains faced by (K-5) art education teachers in NYC.

Design Features:

  • Modular Storage (for 2D and 3D student work)

  • Adaptable storage for large items

  • 2D and 3D display space (for critique and discussion)

  • Whiteboard/Blackboard display (for teaching and drawing class lessons)