The Challenge

What if food from the future was packaged for the shoppers of today?


Packaging and Branding Concept

Clean meat is coming to a store near you.

The technology behind lab-grown meat can potentially reduce the environmental impact of our meat consumption dramatically.  While some consider the idea of lab-grown meat repulsive, the increasing number of investment in this sector, suggest it is likely to be on the shelves in the future.  

This project used packaging as a prop by staging interactions at a grocery store to explore the perception people have about these new foods.

Project Focus

Process Highlights

Sketches and concept development

Project Summary

Year: 2018


Packaging concepts were placed on shelves at a local market and enabled me to facilitate conversations with shoppers about the sustainability of eating meat.

Additionally packaging concepts were on display at the V&A Museum Digital Futures


  • Foresight & Scenario Planning
  • Desk Research
  • Sketching
  • Paper Folding


  • Packaging Concept
  • Branding