The Challenge

How might the food we eat be impacted by vulnerable ecosystems?


Growing Medium for Microgreens

In-home gardening for supplemental nutrition.

Continuing to explore the topic of  sustainable food systems, a secondary project emerged to create a home-made growing medium from waste streams in the home - paper and fruit byproducts. The idea for this project was to investigate the possibility of growing micro-greens with a nutrient rich paper

Project Focus

Process Highlights

Microgreen growing tests

Project Summary

Year: 2017


Recycled paper was combined with fruit and vegetable by-products to create a DIY paper growing medium. By experimenting with different ratios of organic material and paper pulp, the rigidity, color, and nutritional content of the material could be varied.


  • Foresight & Scenario Planning
  • Desk Research
  • Sketching
  • Prototyping ¬†(Paper)


  • Edible Microgreens
  • Growing Paper