District of Play: Duo


A playful mindset encourages us to explore the boundaries of what is possible and creates new neurological connections that support social skills, creativity, and adaptability. The premise of District of Play is about creating objects that incorporate principles of play into the design process. One concept that emerged from this proposal is Duo, a two person racing game that utilizes balance and trust to provide an burst of fun.

The thrill of going fast is what fuels race car drivers and skiers. Feel the speed in your face with Duo and an go as quick as your partner can run. One person drives by tilting and the other acts as an engine to provide the momentum. To place yourself on a racing wheel, kneel down and grip the handles. When your partner is ready, lift up your leg of choosing and trust your teammate. Once both legs are supported, see how far you can go and then switch roles to give your partner a try. Variations include distance and timed challenges.

Duo is modern twist on the traditional wheelbarrow race that turns old bicycle tires into an racing platform. The files are freely available so you are invited to download make your own! Instructions and 3D Files included.