The Challenge

How might a toy invention be developed into a product line?


Customizable Characters

Turning a product into a platform for playful creation.

Working for a toy company that licenses ideas from inventors, I developed an entire product line from an acquired toy prototype. By organizing designs thematically (nature, vehicles, sports, science fiction, and fantasy)  and creating system of modular elements (bodies, hands,  wings, heads, wheels, etc) users could easily mix, match, and build their own characters.

Project Focus

Process Highlights

Project Highlights

Year: 2013


The modular system allowed users to create their own characters easily and enabled the toy company minimize the amount of necessary tooling to bring the product to market.

Following a debut of the designs at the New York Toy Fair, Codee was purchased the retail toy store Toys R Us.


  • Concept Generation
  • Spatial Problem Solving
  • Sketching
  • 3D Modeling


  • Character Designs
  • Modular Building System
  • 3D Models for Injection Molding