The Challenge

How might we transform waste streams into potential revenue streams?


Circular Design Workshops

Each year the marine industry discards equipment no longer fit for purpose.

Yet this durable material still has many functions it could perform. While studying at the RCA, fellow designer Joseph Rouse and myself partnered with the RNLI, a UK charity that saves lives at sea. We brought on board our student design community and organized peer-led hands-on workshops to develop concepts for the creative reuse of decommissioned equipment.

Project Focus

Process Highlights

Product analysis and ideation

Prototyping process

Project Summary

Year: 2019


Opportunities for products made from repurposed material were identified and we provided ideas to improve the production of existing equipment to enable greater reuse. Selected concepts are currently under review for development with the RNLI.

Workshop Participants: Almha McCartan, Miyuki Oka, Wei-Haw Huang, Georgina Cottington, Barbara Cimzar, Yi-Fan Hsieh, Ricky Stoch, Jess Stein, Joseph Rouse, Celine Ducret, RNLI Innovation Team


  • Problem Analysis
  • Workshop Design & Facilitation
  • Sketching
  • Prototyping  (Wood, Synthetic Fabric)


  • Product Concepts
  • 2D and 3D Designs
  • Research Journal